STOP the War on Children

Book contents

How Pop Culture and Public Schools Put Our Kids at Risk

In Psalm 78, David speaks of covenantal role of the elder generation to tell the coming generation of the wonderful works of the Lord.

Each generation has the covenantal responsibility from God to teach and train the next generation. As members of the covenant community, we are all responsible to be godly examples to our children and youth. In us they should see models of kingdom disciples who are daily showing how to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Sadly, however, history is replete with examples of elder generations that have failed in this task.

In The War on Children, I have outlined the challenges which make this task more difficult than ever.  Our children are under attack from a culture that is preying on their bodies and filling their minds with toxic teaching.

Yet God has given us the means to counter these effects, if we will take action as a covenant community.

My prayer is that you will read this book, take to heart its call to model kingdom discipleship and engage in covenantal Christian education, and then pass it along to someone who will do the same.

For the coming generation,

Karen L. Gushta, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator

Coral Ridge Ministries

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Foreword       Robert H. Knight

Chapter 1    What War?

Chapter 2     Too Much Schooling, Too Little Education

Chapter 3    Worldviews in Disguise

Chapter 4    They Banned Prayer and Protected Porn

Chapter 5    Heroes and Heroines: Virtue and Vice Redefined

Chapter 6    Covenantal Education: Modeling Kingdom Discipleship

Chapter 7    Tolerance: “The Last Virtue”

Chapter 8    They Closed Down the Marketplace of Ideas

Chapter 9    Virtuous Citizens or Workers of the World?

Chapter 10 Covenantal and Cultural Education

Chapter 11   Conquering the Culture for Christ



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