STOP the War on Children

Book endorsements

Endorsements of The War on Children

Dr. Karen Gushta’s WAR ON CHILDREN mentioned on Glenn Beck show with Donna Hearne (Education Policy Conference 21)

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“Drawing from 17 years of teaching and teacher training experience, Dr. Karen Gushta exposes the dangers of modern American public education to children’s moral, intellectual, and spiritual development. Her research is wide-ranging and well-documented, taking the reader on a tour from the earliest days of colonization, to 20th century court cases and social changes, to laws and programs passed under the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administrations that now dictate the form and substance of K-12 curriculum.

Dr. Gushta hopes parents and churches will rise up and defend their children from the multi-front attacks on their hearts and minds, and join together to take on their covenant responsibility to shield kids from a “predatory culture.” Adults also need to be actively modeling Christian discipleship, acting as kingdom citizens, and teaching kids to resist the alternative worldviews inherent in media and pop culture.”

Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum,  Education Reporter’s “Book of the month”

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“As a former teacher in a government school, Dr. Gushta knows government education from the inside. She is also an able writer who lucidly explains that the education establishment’s goal is to train up children to serve the state and its purposes rather than Christ and his purposes. Moreover, as a former ‘insider’ she knows how the education establishment has gone about it and how it has succeeded.

“But The War on Children offers more than a critique of our pagan school system. Like the men of Issachar, Dr. Gushta understands the times and knows what to do. Woven throughout are insights about covenantal education and modeling Kingdom discipleship that parents, grandparents, and pastors will find thought provoking and convicting. Read this book.”

Bruce Shortt – Author, The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, Harvard-trained attorney and Fulbright Scholar

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“Dr. Gushta’s The War on Children is a lucid and compelling explanation of our culture’s concurrent attempts to keep children from religion, but expose them to moral degradation.  It is not too late to protect our children, and parents should read Dr. Gushta’s book to learn just how to do it.”

Ben Shapiro – Author, Porn Generation, Brainwashed, and Project President

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The War on Children by Karen Gushta is a sobering wake up call. Public education has been irredeemably taken captive by ideologues that are philosophically and morally hostile to the Christian faith. Every Christian pastor, parent and grandparent should read this book and act on its sage advice!”

Dr. Gary Cass – Author, Christian Bashing, Chairman and CEO, Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

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The War on Children sounds an urgent call for churches to do more to help children be discerning about what they encounter Monday through Friday at school and in the popular culture. Every church leader and congregation member should heed Dr. Gushta’s challenge to create spiritual communities unified in the single aim of training up our children in the way they should go.”

Eric Buehrer – President, Gateways to Better Education

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“Christian parents it’s time to wake up!  For too long we’ve been sitting idly and have allowed the world to educate and train OUR children.  Dr. Gushta’s book shows very straightforwardly the impact that our lack of involvement and the atheistic culture is having on our children’s lives.  I’m a firm believer that until we are aware of the tools that Satan is using we’ll never be able to effectively overcome the attack.  Until we know when and why we are loosing our children and youth, we will never come up with how to solve the problem.  The War on Children gives solid, Biblical answers to these questions.  This is a must read for every person who wants to have an impact on today’s younger generations that are growing up in a culture that is very antagonistic towards Christianity and especially Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Dr. Gushta, for your work!”

Carl Kerby – Founding Director/International Speaker, Answers in Genesis

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